What We Do


Flying & Gliding

As an Air Cadet there are many different ways to get in the air!
These range from your first flight in a Grob Tutor on an Air Experience Flight to gaining a full flying scholarship or even flying in Royal Air Force aircraft on a summer camp.

Gliding is also available in the Air Cadets' own fleet of Grob Viking gliders.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is another core activity of the organisation. The types of target shooting on offer vary from your first shot with an air rifle on the Squadron's very own range to firing the L98A2 (pictured right), a modified version of the L85A2 currently in active service with the British Armed Forces.

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Fieldcraft & Military Skills Training

With this training cadets are able to take a scenario and apply theory they have learned about team work and leadership putting it into practice.

This may involve navigation exercises, campcraft, camouflage and concealment and deployed exercises, like the one pictured left on Ilkley Moor.

Adventure Training

Cadets can take part in a wide range of adventurous activities, these include rock climbing, abseiling, hill walking, mountain-biking, canoeing, high ropes and sailing.

Adventure Training is an essential part of the Air Cadet’s training syllabus and the place where team effort really matters – you’ll build new friendships and get to show off your leadership qualities.

The Squadron also operates the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards at all levels.

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Annual Camps

Every year Air Cadets get the chance to visit Royal Air Force Stations across the country.
Here you will get a real taste of life in the RAF, visiting the different sections of the station as well as getting the chance to take part in many of the activities already listed and more.

As a more senior cadet, you may be able to attend an overseas camp at one of our RAF stations in Gibraltar, Cyprus or Germany.


Chances are if you have attended Ilkley Carnival or Ilkley Remembrance Day Parade you will have seen our marching band - and you can join it too!

We can teach you how to play various instruments including the marching snare drum and the bell lyre.

We also welcome all other instruments, from vocals to guitar and beyond!

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First Aid

First Aid Training

First Aid is another essential skill you can pick up - train in this important area and you may be awarded a certificate from St Johns Ambulance.

If those skills were called upon you could make all the difference in a life or death situation.